Gallerii Metropol Tallinn, by Séverine Grosjean, The Nomad Creative Projects

Gallerii Metropol Tallinn, by Séverine Grosjean, The Nomad Creative Projects

It is common to consider art as inaccessible, or to make it valuable by showing it only in museums and galleries. Many question this perceived elitism and take advantage of abandoned or underutilized buildings, transforming common spaces, forgotten spaces, into areas to see art. The abandoned structures are strangely seductive. These are nostalgic and not at all terrifying places.

Installation by Kaarel Kutas

In the district of Kalamaja in Tallinn, artists fascinated and in love in every way, creative and ingenious have transformed an abandoned house, recovering the architecture in ruins to inspire astonishment and give new life to spaces. The inhabitants preserve the wounds of time, create extraordinary configurations and invent new ways of life. The space is used as residences for artists.

Estonian artist Kaarel Kutas is one of the inhabitants. Young artist, he is interested in everything in the radius of 360 degrees. He is an artist-performer and executes installations. He has also done painting, video-art and prints.

Installation by Kaarel Kutas

At this time, approximately ten national and international artists have settled there. The kitchen mixes with the bathroom, which in turn can be transformed into a theater stage … The journey continues.

With this tension of transformation, these artists prove once again that art can happen anywhere, that art can make great and beautiful declarations and that art is for everyone.

This is particularly the objective of the community with Circus-Art-Theater sacrificing the paradigms of art and modern culture. This group of clowns uses grotesque accessories to represent life in all its rarity. Art mixes with elements of theater and circus.

On the top floor of this house is the Metropol art gallery, better known as 6m2. The unconventional art gives appointment to the amateurs of contemporary art.


Works by Triinu Jürves

The last exhibition deals with the work of Estonian artist Triinu Jürves. Through photos, videos and sound, she immerses herself in an intimate experience, that of her hospitalization. This work talks about rituals, the corporal border between the private and the public.

Many spaces such as the Metropol Gallery exist in Tallinn and in other cities around the world. The contemporary ruin is celebrated today as a lyric figure of chaos. The damaged, abandoned or destroyed house has an aesthetic appeal at the same time that gives way to an inexorable fascination.

Séverine Grosjean


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