Dasthe Art Space

Dasthe Art Space

An article by Severine Grosjean.

The art market in Morocco is doing much better than a few years ago. It is growing and it will grow in the years to come. It is true that it is a nascent market, but it is gaining momentum. Against all odds, the art market in Morocco is experiencing a particular boil, which could encourage authorities and professionals to take the necessary measures to develop the sector.

Dasthe Art Space is a space created by Yasmine Laraqui in 2017. Her first role is to support, encourage, promote and expose the emerging artists of the contemporary Moroccan art scene. Hybrid project, the space is an exhibition space but also an agency accompanying and advising young artists, often lost in front of the few opportunities offered at the local level. Dasthe Art Space has a golden rule. Its director wants to represent the Moroccan / African artists in all the exhibitions that are realized. She wants to engage more Moroccan emerging artists in the contemporary art scene. “First because they understand the tools and the language of the globalized market and then because the artists born in the 80s and 90s have an intrinsic” globalist “culture with which they no longer limit the resonance of their aesthetic discourse to the national level alone.

This innovative space explores concepts and themes that are often difficult to address in Moroccan society. Dasthe Art Space creates a certain dynamism in order to present to the public speeches engaging wider debates than the exhibition or the evolving art market in Morocco, even if this remains one of the main observations.

Dasthe Art Space is a cultural proposal that tries to show this wealth and artistic diversity Moroccan despite the difficulties of the Moroccan market. Morocco is experiencing a real turning point. The new wave of Moroccan painters is not left out and is also attracting the enthusiasm of specialists. The goal of Dasthe Art Space is also to make art accessible to all despite the suffering of diffusion slots (sales margins, little communication, lack of transparency, promotion of art to the general public, promotion of artists, lack of training of collectors and galleries (issuance of authentication certificates))

The vernissages follow each other and are not alike, Moroccan artists are more and more creative, offer lots of things and make them talk about them internationally, Morocco has a great story that deserves to be given the means to go around the world.

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