Cripta 747 from Turin, by Severine Grosjean

Cripta 747 from Turin, by Severine Grosjean

The stakes and practices of the different forms of artist residencies are places of training, businesses and art centers that mobilize artists and professionals from all backgrounds. They define and jostle each actor’s strengths and limitations through their international openings. What can art indeed do, but what can the artist’s residence in a troubled world?

The space Cripta 747 opened its space founded in Turin in 2008 by Elisa Troiano, Alexandro Tripodi, Marianna Orlotti, Renato Leotta and Fabrizio Cosenza. It is a place of research, exchange and production where artistic practices make contemporary debate. The atmosphere is independent and open

The space integrates into the local community close to craftsmen and all the materials necessary for the good practice of artists in residence. In addition, the Cripta 747 makes it possible to improve the residency experience and create an innovative brand image. The artist-in-residence programs meet a number of needs.

The Cripta747 residency program is a process-based residency open to artists, curators and researchers from all fields of contemporary culture who present a strong, coherent and recognizable research in the fields of material and conceptual production.

The various activities proposed allow to establish lasting collaborations and to immerse themselves in individual projects in touch with the creativity of the city. The available studios create a special environment favorable to work. In addition, some workshops of Italian artists are nearby inviting to develop exchanges and skills of each. Cripta747 organises studio visit, open studio and offsite projects free and open to all engaging audiences directly with artists and contemporary practices.

Cripta 747 is one of the few spaces of the cultural fabric of Turin to promote contemporary production and international mobility thus offering an audience of initiated or not an opportunity to share and address what appears to be the culture of tomorrow.

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