• Art Rue is a Tunisian association with innovative and creative artistic projects in public space, in conjunction with the territory. The association helps to break down neighborhoods, communities that...
    City / Town: Back Hamda
  • Art Gallery in Sidi Thabet
    City / Town: Ariana
    • Dar Cherif
    • 2, Rue Taïeb Mehiri, B.P.109 - 4180 Houmt-Souk - Djerba - Tunisia Djerba Tunisia
    • Tunisia
    Located in Sidi Jmour on the island of Djerba, this Arts and Culture Centre was created by Hamadi Sherif, aesthete passionate by Art, and his colleague Garance Mesguich, visual artist. This centre pro...
    City / Town: Djerba
  • "Dream City" is a multidisciplinary biennale of contemporary art in the public space conceived as a global work of art, a choreography interpreted by the spectators conveying the energy of work in wor...
    City / Town: Tunisia
    • Galerie A.Gorgi
    • Adresse : 3 Rue Sidi El Ghemrini 2026 Sidi Bou Saïd - Tunisie Sidi Bou Said Tunisia
    • Tunisia
    Since 2010 the gallery A.Gorgi has undertaken a mission: Strive new talents, guide their first steps and cultivate the expression of an unusual new art. It is committed to supporting artists who expre...
    City / Town: Sidi Bou Said
  • Elmarsa Gallery was established in 1994 with the mission to generate interest in Arab art, inspire dialogue between cultural, social and artistic leaders, and to develop international relationships. O...
    City / Town: La Marsa