• Started in 2013, Le 18 is an independent creative platform and exhibition space promoting artistic and cultural exchange.We have two main objectives: Supporting emerging artists with research and resi...
    City / Town: Marrakesh
  • Atla(s)now is a community platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration created by Angelo Bellobono (artist and ski coach) to explore the potential of art and skiing to positively enrich communities o...
    City / Town: Oukameiden
  • The Cinémathèque de Tanger’s mission is to develop film culture in Morocco. In 2006, this non-profit organization took over the premises of Cinema Rif, est. 1938. It aims to provide Tangier’s public w...
    City / Town: TANGIER
  • Culture Vultures’s mission to enhance cross-cultural exchange and dialogue through art ventures and culture programs, connecting the artist to audience, tradition to the contemporary and local to glob...
    City / Town: Sefrou
    Telephone: (00212) 06 45 22 32 03
    • Dar al-Ma’mûn
    • Dar Al-Ma’mûn: Km13, route de l’Ourika, Tassoultante, Marrakesh – Morocco Marrakesh Morocco
    • Morocco
    Dar Al-Ma’mûn is a non-profit –making association under Moroccan law.Dar Al-Ma’mûn is an ongoing artist residency, which means that we will host artists throughout the year on the basis of four worksh...
    City / Town: Marrakesh
  • City / Town: Martil
    Email: -
  • Activities are: o The artists’ residence o The transmission o The creation o Dissemination and information
    City / Town: Casablanca
  • Green Olive Arts is an artist residency and collaborative art space in Tetouan, Morocco Our mission is to resource creative individuals of both emerging and established artistic talent from around the...
    City / Town: Tetouan
  • The 22 apartment is an independent place, dedicated to contemporary creation. This place, founded by Abdellah Karroum since 2002, has become an artists' residence and an exhibition space that has been...
    City / Town: Rabat
  • Inactive since 2016
    City / Town: Casablanca