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U10 from Belgrade Serbia

An article by Severine Grosjean

Belgrade is known as the capital of the Balkans nightlife or as one of the central scenes of the Yugoslav war of the 90s. But it could also be known as the birthplace of the phenomenon of the art world Marina Abramovic. She is one of the few artists from the former Yugoslavia to have achieved international recognition. Indeed, the budget or the attention of the public authorities are not enough in this region, and it is a pity, because not only does it have a rich cultural heritage, but its contemporary art scene is in full swing.

Silence and noice in inter-action, Art and Science

  The art scene is small but existing. There are many spaces of exposure or experimentation. U10 is an independent art space of the most popular among the younger generations. This gallery welcomes young contemporary artists from the local and regional scene. Making the link with the need for self-organization in the local context, the artistic space U10 was created at the initiative of artists: Lidija Delić, Nina Ivanovic, Sava Knežević, Isidora Krstić, Iva Kuzmanović, Nemanja Nikolić, Marija Šević.

Space Opera, Milica Kolaric, photo Deana Petrovic 

This space was in response to the inability of public articulation and professional development of young visual artists in the local environment, as well as the need for active and visible public artistic activity through self-organization.

Silence and noice in inter-action, Art and Science

Stanja Uma_4, Marija Sevic

Its independent exhibition space is fundamentally aimed at helping young artists who are just beginning their careers by exposing their work to the public. U10 Art Space works actively to create a culture of arts education, debate and exchange between artists, curators, art theorists, writers and the general public.

A fresh and feverish creative energy is not surprising. U10 fight the frustration of new artists and the lack of connection between young artists in Serbia. The opportunities are many and changes are happening, but they are slow.

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Low Gallery, Riga by Séverine Grosjean

In all times,  emerging or rebel artists have been looking for places to meet with audiences different from the usual channels of commerce.

At the exhibition opening of: A.BRAN Life VS Hope


Exhibition Maija Kurševa & Vents Vīnbergs – Pagrīde

From their protesting beginnings to their current position in a globalized and hyperconnected scene, independent art spaces have evolved and form a thousand and one facets of the “off” world of art in the making.


The Alternative Space is a new tool to discover art. Although they are difficult to characterize, two constants generally bring them together: they do not pursue lucrative goals, they are often directed by artists interested in curatorial questions.

Exhibition Katrīna Čemme & Ieva Putniņa – Oda X.


Exhibition Līga Spunde & Klāvs Mellis – Kā mani

In the basement of a building, LOW gallery is founded in 2017. An artist-run space is a place of spontaneous ideas and manifestations of alive artistic process. The gallery fosuses on young talents and artist collaborations. It is an alternative place, bursting with energy and activity directed by the Latvian artist Maija Kurseva, known to be a rebellious child. Low Gallery mixes the passionate passion, the discoveries of young artists, revolts against the established system, the resourcefulness, the fatigue to fight each project and the trick to always present interesting exhibitions.

Exhibition Ieva Filatova & Marta Kalniņa – Varbūt varētu


Exhibition Grāmata Daudz labāk!

Low Gallery is a place of discovery, the exchanges are permanent. Maija Kurseva decided to create alternative contemporary art events, performances, installations. Low Gallery is a label that aims to promote young artists. Maija Kurseva is a teacher. Wishing to find a space in which her students can exhibit their work as the last exhibition gathering Ieva Filatova Marta Kalnina and Varbut Varetu. Managed by and for artists, the space alternates between solo exhibitions and groups, where experienced and less well-known artists meet.

In addition to the gallery, Maija Kurseva presents the work of Latvian artists at Popper Publishing, also in Riga.

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