Aether artspace, Sofia

Aether artspace, Sofia

An article by Severine Grosjean

Sofia’s artistic scene is flourishing, with a wave of creativity bringing positivity and ambition to a once-stagnant scene. It has been noted a series of independent spaces open to all and part of an increasingly active subculture.

After kinga’s live group portrait performance


Svetlana Mircheva, group show The future was here


Local artists connect to the country’s “raw and dark” history to create unique alternative experiences in Sofia. In 2016, the artist Voin De Voin opens the doors of an independent cultural space, Aether Art Space. Its goal is to offer a place of experimentation and criticism of contemporaneity. The approach of the space is changing according to the different needs, the mood, the state of mind and the personal desires. ”

From us to you, perfumes created by artists visual diaries

At the heart of the project, there is the wish to place a landmark on the artistic map of Sofia. It seems necessary for Voin De Voin to connect and extend the idea of ​​artistic creation and especially to find a way to connect art to life and to integrate a way of thinking and perceiving the world.  As Voin De Voin says: the local art scene is strong, clear, often critical and linked to tradition, in the sense of a meticulous use of different mediums. Unfortunately, the younger generation is following the hierarchical steps imposed by the institutions.

Essentially, Æther aims to connect scenes, places and artistic practices to create a space for dialogue including two programs. 

Spencer Chalk Levy working

– Part of Æther is an “immaterial project” , which highlights the importance of the creations produced, their motivations and their origins. It offers the visitor a view of more complex processes.

– Another part of the space “Physical Aether” , where thematic proposals form a collection displayed and sold. The wish is to add a mark to the cultural landscape of Sofia; a place where people can discover, become familiar with and engage in the proposed topics and create new memories, not necessarily to preserve, but to further question the present.

Ghost in the rain, installation view Nicolas Macarthur

The space started small-scale events called “Sofia art weekend”. During a weekend, two art spaces in Sofia – Aether and Swimming Pool invited the public to attend an exhibition and events. They intend to develop it over the next few years.

Last year, “Aether was invited to participate in a very interesting initiative of the German organization Kunstgebaeude Stuttgart engaging the art scene and the independent European institutions to look into the future of the very interesting experiences and proposals leading to the production and the dissemination of new constructive models of operation in relation to the European economic and cultural landscape

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