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The largest guide to alternative art spaces around the world.

The Alternative Art Guide is a new tool to discover art spaces that are often difficult to find. With over 1700 spaces worldwide it is the largest online overview of non-profit, artist-run, and independent art spaces. The interactive map makes it easier to get the most out of a visit to a new city, or to find out what is around the corner at home.

Additionally, Alternative Art Guide provides insight into local conditions for the presentation of contemporary art with a collection of articles. The articles are contributed by artist-run spaces and curators in the field, raising questions about locality versus globalisation and how different art practices take shape around the world.

The guide will continually be updated by adding new spaces to the overview, and to keep track of spaces when they move or close.

Alternative Art Guide is here. And there. And also there.

Contact us at: info@alternativeartguide.com

The Naked: Promoting a global view from local perspectives.

Alternative Art Guide is produced by The Naked, an artist-run initiative founded to show the  multiplicity of alternative or independent spaces operating in the world today. The Alternative Art Guide is made possible with support from the Mondriaan Fund and the Municipality of The Hague.

The Naked has embarked on a collective, collaborative mission through which a global view is given from different local perspectives. Working with independent spaces and curators locally, The Naked intends to give a ‘street level’ view of contemporary art. Knowing that it is impossible to create a true image of the contemporary art world from a single vantage point, showing these dynamics creates a better understanding of the present.

The Naked is an initiative based in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Johan Gustavsson, Rob Knijn, Marius Lut and Sanne Luteijn.

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