The Showroom, London.

The Showroom, London.

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The Showroom, 10 minutes from Edgware Road station, blends in well with its surrounding housing estate neighbourhood. The space’s entrance is just as in descript with just a small un marked white door to the side. In some sense, however, this is what makes the space so magical. With the exhibition space downstairs, a tiny corridor space crowded by the staircase to the loft leads you into a large garage like room. It is captivating in its style and position. Upstairs, a public access library and office space can be found. The Showroom does not separate its library from its employees creating an equality between the visitors and staff.

Originally established in 1983, The Showroom has, for over 30 years has been producing and collaborating to challenge the message and purpose of what is and can be; in this way they have aimed for a wider audience not just art professionals. The Showroom started as one of the first art spaces in Bethnal Green with the aim of being a pivotal space in allowing artists to stage their first solo shows in the city. The space then moved in 2013 to its Edgware Road space.

The Showroom is world renowned for its contribution to the independent art scene, showing solo artists for the first time in London and developing a programme year on year which captures significant artists. It can only be described as unique and it is an experience in itself just entering the incredible space.

The Showroom may be slightly off the main road in, arguably, an area of London that may not be the first place you think to visit. But let me be clear, it is unmissable in every regard.

The Showroom hosts around 50 public events per year which are nearly always free. Don’t forget to check out the amazing work that they do next time you’re in the area.

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