HOME, Manchester

HOME, Manchester

An article by Flo Hammond

HOME offers everything creative, at the heart of Manchester city centre, it’s guaranteed to provide an insightful experience. As well as an art exhibition, HOME is a place of creative theatre and critically acclaimed film that caters for all interests. It’s a hub for creativity and style, surrounded by the tall attractions of Manchester. It’s a place for a wide variety of endearing culture, somewhere you can visit for artistic films, niche theatre or to stroll around their exhibit area; all in a wonderfully modern building.

As an art space, it has the ability to bring everyday people, not necessarily acclaimed artists, into this professional space; enabling the viewer to appreciate the art that they would never have normally encountered. The space as a whole brings together a variety of people and perspectives in Greater Manchester, through art, film and theatre.

HOME, as a space to experience art and culture, has never disappointed. The building caters for all types of people and interests, making it accessible to a variety of people. Opening up their space to the art of everyday people is an inspiring and eye-opening gesture, showing just how creative people are, from all walks of life. HOME is a charity dedicated to pushing the boundaries of culture out of the mainstream, allowing anyone to explore something different and mind-opening.

5 March 2020 / by / in United Kingdom

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