‘Round the table @ The Marrakech Biënnale

‘Round the table @ The Marrakech Biënnale

At Sunday the 2nd of March the Alternative Art Guide organised a ‘Round the table talk at the Bank AL Magrib with Marrakech Biënnale curator Hicham Khalidi, Maroccan initiative ’18’, The Mint Collective, the Alternative Art Guide itself and anyone interested to join in the discussion.

How is The Marrakech Biënnale different from any other western bienial? Is there a Maroccan identity within the arts? How does communication work between collaborating cultures and nationalities? When does symbioses become exploitation? These and many other questions were discussed.

A previous post on the Alternative Art Guide @ the Marrakech Biënnale can be found here.

For those who want to see the full discussion, please simply scroll down for the last videofile. For those who prefer chapterss concerning certain topics we’ve seperated the discussion into chapters:

Chapter 1: We’ll start with the introduction for those who are not sure what we were doing there 😉

Chapter 2: Bienial curator Hicham Khalidi explains the global position of the biënnale of Marrakech.

Chapter 3: Laila Hida introduces her initiative in Marrakech ’18’

Chapter 4: How does the Dutch identity and perspective compare to that of the Moroccan?

Chapter 5: “Let’s bring in the Mint” An introduction into The Mint Collective; a group of London based artists that have started theiur own program in Marrakech.

Chapter 6: How important is communication through language in collaboration? Two artists invited by The Mint Collective, Oli Bonzanigo and Esme Toler explain their experiences.

Chapter 7: Hicham Khalidi and assistant curator Natasha Hoare on ‘The Bienial of Miscommunication’

Chapter 8: Antropology Student Joe Hayns feels that symbiosys at time was equal to exploitation. A discussion continued in chapter 11.

Chapter 9: The western gaze; The problematics of a western idea of art in a non western environment.

Chapter 10: How do we define quality in different contexts?

Chapter 11: How equal are we in the end?

Chapter 12: Is everybodies opinion as good as others, when it comes to a contemporary art bienial in Africa?

And last: The discussion in its entirety

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