Italia Calling…

Italia Calling…

For the Alternative Art Guide I opted for diversity- trying to sustain a regard upon the  Italian artistic scene that would diverge  from what normally offered to the  international public. All three chosen artists are fully  proactive on the Italian independent art scene and differently collaborating in person with CARS activities and more independent art spaces.

Working within a “neutral” territory, somehow discarded from the contemporary and artistic debate, we have to struggle upon daily basis to survive and carry on our funding mission of artistic promotion and didactics.

VCO, where we do abide, is somehow a place of contact and separation in both culture and history.

Our mission is strictly related to the creation of an unusual artistic offer to  VCO disctrict public, trying to stimulate  the Italian artistic scene, offering to its partecipants a welcome to the exceptionality of our territory, that, basically, find its one and only  local contemporary art representative, in our residency.

We are trying to win more affectionates everyday, finding it both hard and satisfactory. Our policy consist in facilitating a direct dialogue between the local manufacturing firms and our invited artists, and, equally relevant, abdicating the role of curators to adopt the more familiar of  hosts, both towards artists and public alike.

Among all artists I have diverse relations with, I’ve chosen Lorenza Boisi, Ambra Pittoni and Yari Miele beacause of their peculiarity within the Italian artistic panorama, as well as  their direct involvement into some plural collaborative activities and independent art spaces.

Lorenza Boisi

Lorenza Boisi is a well known painter and sculptor, certainly a significant influential reference  for  younger Italian painters. Being an artist herself, she is the founder and director of two among the most active Italian artist run spaces, MARS and CARS. She is an independent curator and art director- even if she’d rather describe her role as the one of a Facilitator, avoiding any more precise definitions.

Lorenza Boisi, Portrait of a painter, 2011, oil on canvas 70x60cm

Lorenza Boisi, Untitled, 2013, oil on canvas 120x100cm

Yari Miele

Yari Miele has somehow developed a certain heritage of  60s/70s Italian art scene. His research is issued from the swinging sensibility of that very tradition. He is  a proactive curator and art director, and in the last 10 years has been running several spaces and collaborating the a number of others- he is presently, together with Lucia Leuci, Nicola Genovese and Lorenza Boisi (founder) running MARS, the notorious Milan Artist Run Space.

Yari Miele, Ohne Titel, video still, colors 8ÔÇÖ min, 2013

Ambra Pittoni

Ambra Pittoni is a multi talented artist and intellectual. Her multiple skills open up for a profound inspection of performance, participative art and installation.

Her approach descernes  both aestetic qualities and the implicit political  and existential essence of aestethic choices. She is a very proactive individual involved in several tutorial activities and collaborating  with independent artistic projects all around Europe.

Ambra Pittoni, Dance is not forever YUSUKE, performance Berlin Milan 2010

Ambra Pittoni, The Saved Night Varsavia dinner, still from video, CCA Zamek Ujazdowski Warsaw 2012


CARS born 2010. CARS stands for Cusio Artist-Run Space.

Set in the naturally distinctive VCO lake district CARS is an artists’ residency aiming to a virtuous circle with the local cultural and productive excellence areas.

It is CARS firm belief that the study and research phase require proper support to ensure efficient communication with the receivers of the art produced, this is why CARS promotes the art projects produced within the studio context – always open to unpredictable developments .

CARS heartfully welcomes the integration of non-linear, unconventional projects with the local territory, landscape and community, and promotes new experiments and interactions.

CARS opens this studio for faraway guests and glances at the local territory to try and convey its existing forces to launch a new action and cultivate opportunities to then turn them into profitable relationships and results.

CARS offers artists an opportunity, and recognizes and follows their work, also following clues and planting new ones building a specific collection of donated art pieces that will contribute in making a new tradition, reinforcing the present and building a bridge to the future.

Andrea Ruschetti

Graduated in Business Management, he works as buyer at Alessi Spa  (2000-2003). In 2003 he starts cooperating with La Nuova Faro Srl, an Italian toys factory, inside of which he sets up in 2004  Ludiko, an R&D departement  focused on the exploration of  the meaning of “play – game- player”  through the creation of objects, images, videos and performances .

In 2005 he creates “”, a toys-design project  which collects international awards in the field of arts and design, among which the selection by  the MOMA’s catalogue (New York and Tokyo). Since  2007 the project is part of  the  exhibition “New Italian Design”  by La Triennale Milano represented in 2010 at the Santral Museum in Istanbul, in 2012 at the Beijing Industrial Design Center and at the National Taiwan Craft Center Research and Developement Institute in Nantou, in 2013 at  Alhondiga in Bilbao, at  Cannery Galleries  Academy of Art University in SanFrancisco, at  The Power Station Of Art  in  Shangai.

As member of the multidisciplinary duo Ludiko he participates at different  group shows:

“Toys for good” in Florence (2009), “Bloom” in Koln (2010-2011), “Pictoplasma” in Berlin (2011), “B.Y.O.B” in Milan (2011 “ Philip K Dick tribute” Palazzo Ducale – SalaDogana in  Genova (2012beijing project in Beijing  (2012), Pictoplasma Exhibition at La Casa Encendida in Madrid (2013).

As President of the cultural association  Mastronauta , which he established in 2001,  leads several cultural events including   C.A.R.S. – Cusio Artist Residency Space (since 2010).

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