3137 artist-run-space

3137 artist-run-space

An article by Severine Grosjean

Athens has become a social laboratory that everyone wants to learn. We can not count the number of artists who settled there, fascinated by this unprecedented economic crisis which is also a crisis of meaning and of civilization which Greece seems to represent the climax. And also attracted by cheap rentals and by Documenta.

If the art scene in the Greek capital has been very dynamic and diverse, which has experienced since the beginning of the crisis in 2008, a series of fundamental changes that brought the Renaissance to the scene of metropolitan contemporary art.

Greece underwent a series of transformations that required innovations and experimental practices that could only have happened there – but with little infrastructure support under way for small organizations led by artists

3137 is an artist project space based in Athens, started in 2012 by Chrysanthi Koumianaki Kosmas Nikolaou Paky and Vlassopoulou.

His projects focus on artistic production, cooperation and hospitality, with a great interest in institutional criticism and hybrid ways of being. They looked for new ways to work together and develop their curatorial practice. 3137 describes itself as a critical small-scale position and an alternative to institutional norms.

That is, a position that allowed the group to focus its values ​​on care and friendship instead of simply developing and trying to access the art market, since it is the case for many artists’ organizations.

How to build such infrastructure and discuss it first, through art? This artistic organization can have an effect at the local level and help to think about how it could connect to larger infrastructures and networks. The flight of artists to non-profit public spaces or groups led by artists presents works of art that emphasize the need for social change through creativity. Taking advantage of other people’s creativity to express thoughts that are still raw on a shared topic, at the same time and in the same place, can be a sensitive experience.

Thanks to its versatility and structure that can be adopted by different realities and adapted several contents, 3137, is a space where participants can talk about them from the creative process

3137 combines the skills necessary for the autonomous and efficient performance of the presentation of works of art. In short, creativity needs a space where contemporary artistic creation becomes a continuous discovery to confront, speak and create. 3137 is a total immersion in a rich and varied context, populated with different talents, desires and origins. This situation related to art has turned all this experience into something more than simply collecting information, comments and networks.

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